AERUM offers a robust platform to traditional businesses and crypto-related businesses alike for onboarding, authenticating and transacting in digital assets including various financial products, rewards, marketing tokens, cryptocurrencies and fiat-pegged stablecoins in a secure and reliable way.

Our Mission

AERUM’s mission in to empower businesses focusing on financial inclusion, digital marketing, asset tokenization and gaming, by providing solutions removing friction, middlemen and gatekeepers. We are creating a complete infrastructure for user enrollment including a secure mobile digital identity management platform, mobile asset listing and staking platform with an unique portfolio guarantee, based on the Aerum blockchain protocol with real-time free transactions and nearly unlimited scalability.

Aerum Token



Token Supply

Limited at 1,000,000,000


EIP 20 compatible


Aerum Staking & Governance

Staking Rewards

Weekly distribution of XRM and Aero


Listed on exchanges

Circulating supply

Approx. 10% of total supply

Extra liquidity

Will be offered via auctions

Identity Management

Unique, high-assurance, multidimensional, consent-based, digitally verifiable identification, with a range of possible credentials (eg, biometrics, passwords, smart devices). Works whether you have an existing ID or not. Caters KYC/AML and Accredited investor environments, shields from sanctioned countries exposure, validates PEP lists

Identity Wallet

Secured by military grade FIPS 140-2 hardware rooting


Features various features such as KYC, AML, PEP and sanctions checks, allows to validate multiple forms of ID, address verification, etc.

Full enterprise backend

Supports role-based security, audit logs, flags, etc

Indentity Management Framework

Integrated with ERC-1484 blockchain indentity management framework for decentralized and federated environments


Decentralized Ledger Technology opens up many opportunities in various sectors. Businesses can leverage the benefits of DLT to reduce costs and improve processes, individuals can benefit from the full ownership of their own assets and make transactions directly with another party. Coupled with Identity Management and Trusted Secure environment, our platform offers unique opportunity to launch and list your tokenized assets, financial products, rewards programs and marketing flows


Digital assets

Gaming assets

Rewards programs

Marketing flows

Security and Cyber Resilience

Guaranteed Hardware-Rooted Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet on the market, that no other software wallet can match. Based on Military grade Tech, FIPS 140-2 compliant and certified.

Fully Secure

A secure digital and crypto wallet that uses the hardware that’s already in 1.6+ billion phones to provide military-grade security.


Your crypto assets are protected by token-based guarantee that appreciates in value over time due to scarcity.

Any Digital Asset

Currently supported 220+ cryptocurrencies and tokens, adding regularily

Any Device

Works across multiple devices, not just with one mobile brand

Built for the Future

Supports all digital assets not just crypto/Blockchain e.g. ID

As Easy as Messaging

Privately, securely send currency as easily as a message, using any of your existing messengers.

Ready To Buy XRM?

It’s available on ExMarkets and Latoken Exchanges!

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Aerum Partners

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