AERUM offers a robust platform to traditional businesses and crypto-related businesses alike for onboarding, authenticating and transacting in digital assets including various financial products, rewards, marketing tokens, cryptocurrencies and fiat-pegged stablecoins in a secure and reliable way.

Our Mission

AERUM’s mission in to empower businesses focusing on financial inclusion, digital marketing, asset tokenization and gaming, by providing solutions removing friction, middlemen and gatekeepers. We are creating a complete infrastructure for user enrollment including a secure mobile digital identity management platform, mobile asset listing and staking platform with an unique portfolio guarantee, based on the Aerum blockchain protocol with real-time free transactions and nearly unlimited scalability.

Aerum Token



Token Supply

Limited at 1,000,000,000


EIP 20 compatible


Aerum Staking & Governance

Staking Rewards

Weekly distribution of XRM and Aero


Listed on exchanges

Circulating supply

Approx. 10% of total supply

Extra liquidity

Will be offered via auctions

Aerum Token Economy
Aerum Token Economy

Ready To Buy XRM?

It’s available on ExMarkets and Latoken Exchanges!

Aerum Partners

  • Nov 2017
    Project Inception
    • Project idea formulated
    • The developer company had been created
    • Team had been assembled
    • Development started

  • Aug 2018
    Beta Release
    • Aerum Web Wallet
    • Aerum Mobile Wallet
    • Aerum Integration Toolkit
    • Consensus Protocol
    • Token Staking Protocol

  • Starts 17th September 2018
    • Initial token offering campaign starts

  • 1st March 2019
    Exchange offering (IEO)
    • ExMarkets exchange
    • LaToken exchange

  • 20th March 2019
    Mainnet Launch
    • Ortus v1.0.0 dxPoS consensus
    • Delegate nodes
    • Transaction Gateway servers
    • Web and mobile wallets
    • Blockchain analysis and statistic tools

  • April 2019
    Free XRM trading
    • Tokens are free to trade on exchanges
    • New exchanges added

  • Jun 2019
    Ortus v1.1.0 Release
    • ATMOS consensus upgrade (XPOS)
    • Probabilistic composer selection
    • Trusted chain path relay to Ethereum
    • Masternode Delegates enabled
    • XRM Stake Reward introduction
    • Public Staking enabled

  • Dec 2019
    Ortus v1.2.0
    • Collateralized token relay
    • Interoperability protocol

  • Jul 2020
    Ortus 1.3.0
    • PetalChains - unique scaling turn-key solution for Aerum allowing Delegates to launch purpose-built chains to further scale their applications throughput up and beyond of 100,000 tps

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As Seen On

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