Dear Friends of Aerum, Crypto investors and enthusiasts! Alex Randarevic, Aerum CEO is here with the weekly update. It’s been two weeks since we started our public Initial Token Offering. Cryptomarkets are not cooperating at the moment, but this is what we have anticipated when we saw the very late Santa Claus rally in late December. Another dip in January was a given. So we are witnessing it now.

As our token sale progresses, we duly made a first increase in price from 0.29 Eth to 0.31 Eth per 1000 XRM tokens. From now on every week price will go up by approximately 4% until in reaches 0.45 Eth per 1000 XRM tokens at the end of the ITO. The estimated final listing price will be 0.47 Eth per 1000 XRM tokens, equal to $0.08 per 1 XRM token with Ether price fixed at $170 on April 1st, 2019.

Our funding campaign had achieved the Soft-Cap goal of $3 Million. We are currently past it with over $4,120,000 contributed and going for the hard cap of $6 Million.

You can participate in the token sale by visiting our website at or registering directly at our token sale wallet at

We are very happy to announce that our XRM token will be listed on an exchange on January 24th with a goal to expand our token sale reach via an exchange. The exchange price on average will be slightly ahead of that available via smart contract but ultimately they will converge at 0.45 Eth per 1000 XRM tokens on March 31st. Tokens bought through the exchange can be immediately traded. Tokens bought through the smart contract at lower price will be distributed after the April 1st 2019, when the ITO ends. Bounty tokens are being placed into a vesting escrow and will be gradually released to the owners. We will do a detailed update with a video-instruction in the coming weeks explaining the process.

One of the very significant developments we had over the last week was signing an official partnership with Dezos, GMBH, a Swiss-based blockchain company. Dezos will work with Aerum on integrating Aerum technology, wallet into the Dezos app and building a live pilot on Aerum blockchain. We are very proud of this achievement and looking forward to work with Rene Hauri and his team closely! You can read the PR about the partnership here.

We are preparing to announce another very significant partnership in the coming days that will be a milestone in Aerum business development. Stay tuned for the updates!

On the technology side, we are not standing still. Our consensus mechanism has been successfully tested and we are preparing to launch a live network in the coming weeks. Our partner company Bethereum is working with us on building a live pilot app that will be run on Aerum network.

We also have a several very big potential partnerships coming up in next weeks, so stay tuned!

We will do a separate announcement together with the exchange with a separate press-release on January 17th, check it out in our blog, landing site or social media channels!

We also plan to hold a live AMA video chat on Saturday this week, it will be announced on social media channels and will take place on YouTube live and Facebook Live. If you have any questions you would like to hear answers for – send it to us via email to [email protected] with a Subject “AMA”.

Get more information by visiting our website at or participating directly at our token sale wallet at

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Yours truly, Alex Randarevic, Aerum CEO