Mar 29, 2019


SignKeys invests $1m in Aerum to Create Secure Peer-to-Peer Financial Solutions for Business that scales to the masses

Aerum was very pleased to recently announce the Aerum and SignKeys partnership and incorporating the SignKeys Secure Wallet into its default wallet and platform for transactions. The continuously growing army of projects joining Aerum ecosystem will leverage the advantages of SignKeys technology through integration with the Aerum-SignKeys wallet to secure their transactional flow and stored assets. This will all be backed by the SignKeys Guarantee.

Taking this to another level SignKeys has invested $1m to help accelerate adoption and solutions to customers.

Adopting SignKeys Digital ID and KYC platform will allow to us to quickly bring new users into Aerum blockchain ecosystem. This makes sense for a few important reasons, highlighted previously:

First, it allows Aerum and our partners to manage costs and processing times by leveraging the module that is already enabled as part of the wallet, keeping everything digital.

It also manages operational risks when renewing ID/KYC, such as when IDs expire. No more chasing customers for a valid ID if this are all done seamlessly on the user’s own smartphone.

Companies can take advantage of the promotions and rewards mechanisms built into SignKeys, as easily as sending a message.

inally, and perhaps most importantly, the SignKeys ID/KYC solution is designed for GDPR compliance. Businesses can confidently implement Aerum, knowing that they’ll be on the right side of Europe’s new consumer privacy laws.

More on SignKeys

SignKeys is the first guaranteed, secure, hardware-based digital platform that lives on your mobile phone. The SignKeys platform underpins a suite of products including a secure wallet with support for more than 240 tokens and that guarantees crypto assets stored within. SignKeys mission is mass adoption, so companies can OEM/White Label SignKeys solutions rather than waste two years and take risks to build a proprietary solution. As of end January 2019, the company has distributed more than $2 million worth of KEYS tokens in private placement. To learn more about SignKeys visit The SignKeys Secure Wallet is currently available for download for iOS and Android.

Aerum on SignKeys Secure Wallet

Aerum will use the SignKeys Secure Wallet as its default wallet and platform for transactions. All of those corporate peer-to-peer financial solutions we mentioned — they will flow through SignKeys and all assets held will be backed by the SignKeys Guarantee.

All the invoicing mechanisms and payment tracking mechanisms are already built into SignKeys core code and simply have to be enabled. Imagine the convenience of companies being able to make totally secure and near instantaneous invoice payments as easily as sending a WhatsApp message. That’s truly disruptive.

SignKeys to Run Major Aerum Node

SignKeys believe it’s important to have some skin in the game with its partners. That’s why they’ve also agreed to run a major node on the Aerum network. This involves SignKeys directly with Aerum’s governance, but also network commercial advantages.

SignKeys to Run Major Aerum Node

“We are excited about this partnership and as part of our commitment we are investing in the Aerum ecosystem that is truly bring scale and addresses many challenges facing blockchain networks today including scalability and performance. SignKeys is partnering to fuel Aerum’s growth and its growing army of projects on its ecosystem and through this partnership companies will leverage the advantages of much needed unique SignKeys technology on mobile.

What we’ve laid out above describes what we’re working on immediately, but in the future, we’ll also be collaborating on broader cross chain initiatives based on the SignKeys platform, developing new secure technologies, working to ensure that we keep our users compliant, and cooperating on global expansion.

Aerum truly is the ideal partner for SignKeys and we’re excited to announce this partnership today.”

Joseph Toh

Founder & CEO, SignKeys

“We are very pleased with this partnership moving forward so quickly and wholeheartedly welcome SignKey’s decision to become not only a technology but also a capital partner. This is undoubtedly strengthening both companies position and allow for more collaboration and interconnectedness. At Aerum we believe it is always better to be a part of a big deal rather than having a small deal completely. Cooperating on both technology and implementation projects with SignKeys opening new horizons for Aerum in areas such as FinTech, Banking and Retail tokenization. We are very positive on our future together.”

Alex Randarevich

Co-founder & CEO, Aerum


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