Oct 2, 2019

Aerum developer to become an exclusive integrator for Signkeys in Europe

Aerum developer to become an exclusive integrator for Signkeys in Europe

Prague, Czech Republic – ASR Cryptotechnology, a technology company focused on developing distributed public ledger-based solutions for a wide range of business customers, including the software codes of the public high-performance blockchain Aerum (www.aerum.com), is announcing a next step in its partnership with Singkeys Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean cyber-resilience and mobile technology company.

Both companies have been investing heavily into building a new set of technological solutions, capitalizing on ASR’s blockchain protocol and frameworks with Singkeys’ secure mobile platform with integrated role-based management and CRM back-end software.

As a result, companies will provide customers with a complete stack of solutions, covering the key needs for enterprises adopting blockchain.

From user onboarding and securing digital assets, keys, credentials, to asset-issuance, identity management, ultra high speed transactions, capability based network and economic staking/rewards for participation – this solution has an unprecedented coverage and already gained significant market traction.

Company’s Role

Czech company’s role will be to actively engage in business development in Europe, build relations with and established a sales network. ASR Cryptotechnology will support localizations and highly skilled integration services in close cooperation with SignKeys.

As the products and services go, it will truly enable the front end of all blockchain with the capabilities focused on used growth, security and retention. This extends not just to blockchain projects but any digital platform.

B2B partnerships and integrations will be one of the strongest plays in the field of financial technology, social media platforms, rewards networks, where user onboarding, identity management and digital asset distribution that all digital platforms need and we solve.

Alexander Randarevich

Co-Founder and CEO of ASR Cryptotechnology

“We are excited with this development and see it as an organic expansion of our already very close cooperation focused on both technology development and aligning business objectives. We are expecting to be able to roll out the sales network during the Q4 2019 and we will be actively working and seeking local country qualified partners in Europe with key markets being Germany, Austria, France and Scandinavia.”

Joseph Toh

Founder and CEO of Signkeys Pte. Ltd.

“Blockchain has evolved. Proof of work will be phased out. Best security and user experience for supporting the network via staking or becoming a validator is already at the final stages. Unparallel to potential competition, the platform will allow supporters without deep computer knowledge to participate in key governance processes, earn real rewards in gas and tokens and participate in voting.”

Both companies see the decentralized nature of the capabilities network with built-in economic incentives for the public to actively participate in securing the network as masternodes and delegates as a key factor that will lead to the large adoption and success. Catering to the community and being able to leverage the strength of its support will overcome current challenges and result in a truly large scale decentralized group of network validators and stakers providing excellent governance.

Some of the statements in this press release may be forward-looking statements or statements of future expectations based on currently available information. Such statements are naturally subject to risks and uncertainties. In no case whatsoever will ASR Cryptotechnology sro, SignKeys Pte Ltd and their affiliate companies be liable to anyone for any decision made or action taken in conjunction with the information and/or statements in this press release or for any related damages.

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