AERUM is delighted to announce a new, long-term strategic partnership with Crypto Global Capital. This relationship will include an investment of $1 Million USD into AERUM to help with business development. Alastair Lidel, the Head of Investments at Crypto Global Capital, said “AERUM is truly a groundbreaking technology that the industry is already starting to realize. I couldn’t be happier to be working with Alex and the team and to be able to help take them to their rightful position – number 1.”

The AERUM team, for their part, couldn’t be happier either and are looking forward to the future of this partnership. AERUM’s CEO, Alex Randarevich said, “I am absolutely thrilled to join forces with Crypto Global Capital as our strategic partner! With their help and guidance, we are confident that we can achieve our goals of building the first real, practical public blockchain that is friendly to businesses and consumers alike and to create a community based on cooperation, trust, and the common goals of spearheading the decentralized economy of the future. With the invaluable insight of Alastair Lidel and his team, AERUM is preparing to unveil its strategic plans for creating the ultimate blockchain onboarding vehicle aimed at resolving the most crucial adoption issues plaguing the industry today.”

Further details on these plans will be announced shortly!