Aug 9, 2019


Atmos 2.0

Over the last two summer months Aerum team has been working hard on several technical and business tasks. We have decided to revamp our roadmap completely, given the changes in the market environment, business demand and overall core strategy. Instead of going for the mild protocol upgrade to ATMOS 1.1 we are blasting towards ATMOS 2.0, a world-first PoID, Proof-of-Identity protocol.

In comparison with ATMOS 1.0, a xPoS protocol, ATMOS 2.0 will retain its cross-chain full on-chain governance and staked Delegate selection, but will also boats a full Digital On-Chain Identity validation service. It will make it a first and only identity-supporting blockchain protocol for a public open permissionless blockchain network!

In a tight cooperation with SingKeys, our key strategic partner, Aerum will utilize SignKeys Pro wallet, to validate the identity of delegate candidate and store their identity attestations on Aerum blockchain, using the ERC1484-compatible identity management protocol called Aerum.ID.

This innovation will enhance already feature-rich Aerum’s ATMOS blockchain protocol with sybil protection, selfish mining protection, and significantly decrease already low probability of network takeover using 51% attack.

This development is making Aerum a perfect blockchain for running Good Digital Identity enterprise-grade identity management system for individuals and enterprises alike. Currently Aerum and its core partners are in deep negotiations with several key industry players about using GDI/Aerum as a basis of their identity-related infrastructure. More announcements will follow.

This effort was noticed by FORBES magazine which provided with exclusive editorial about Aerum and SignKeys work to let Good Digital Identity make a truly world-wide impact.

New website

Aerum has launched a totally new website reflecting new developments and the business focus.

SignKeys Aerum AG

On the corporate frontier, the Liechtenstein-based corporation, SignKeys Aerum AG, has been formed. This company will serve as an investment and holding vehicle for owning Aerum Intellectual Property rights and raising funds. Liechtenstein is on a frontier of blockchain innovations, having a smart and responsive financial markets regulator. Being a member of the EEC, Liechtenstein provides with an easy access to the whole European Union. SignKeys Aerum AG is formed as a perfect vehicle for further launching an IPO or a public STO.

Besides all that exciting news, Aerum, together with SignKeys and CoreLedger are working on a project that will potentially enable to propel to the truly global scale.

Three companies are forming an enterprise alliance that will provide a ground-breaking first-in-the-industry opportunities to grow the ecosystem and get many projects and community onboard.

Aerum will launch a new blockchain in September 2019, which will feature even higher performance than Aerum 1.0, opportunity to stake more than one kind of token, and receive rewards in multiple assets. More details will be released shortly.

Starting August 2019 Aerum will be releasing more and more exciting news on a weekly schedule. Just follow us on Telegram, Twitter or subscribe to our email newsletters via Aerum website


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