Dear Friends of Aerum, Crypto investors and enthusiasts! On behalf of Aerum team I would like to wish you a very happy New 2019 Year! May it be filled with joy, love and a new crypto bull trend!

As some (or even many) of you are still in a festive mood and maybe even keep partying I will keep it short. Aerum has finished its Whitelist building and started the Crowd Sale. Originally, the Crowd Sale was planned to last from January 1st, 2019 until January 31st, 2019. However, as all of our campaign took place during the harsh Crypto-Winter (we have seen the Ice Dragon too!) in a severe crypto downtrend, it would be unfair and criminal to waste an opportunity to be a part of a new bull trend that is possibly being started now. In order to provide Aerum with sufficient funding for planned development and operation expansion, our team has decided to expand our Crowd Sale campaign duration for another 2 month with the last day being March 31st 2019. It will give us more opportunity to hit our goals.

At the same time we have decided to move from the Crowd Sale with a fixed token price model towards an increasing price model. After January 13th, token price will be raised and then every week for 11 weeks more it will be raised approximately by 4%. By the end of the campaign the token price will match the intended exchange listing price.

Another campaign improvement we have is that we are linking our token price to Ether, with Ether price in USD terms being set to $170 for the duration of campaign. It will provide a great reward for early participants but also, as Ether keeps rising in price, it is intended to provide an additional boost to our token price in dollar terms.

Our price right now is set to 5 us cents and it will last until January 13th when it will increase. In Ether terms it is 0.29 eth per 1000 XRM tokens. Our listing price by the end of the ITO will be 0.47 eth per 1000 XRM tokens.

Last but not least, we have already signed an official listing agreement with an exchange and our tokens will be listed during the month of January. It will give an ample time for token to reach a price equilibrium and stabilize before all tokens are distributed and are available for trading.

Just as a reminder, founders, team, advisor, marketing, legal and bounty tokens are a subject of vesting schedule and will be released gradually according to the respective schedules. Tokens purchased by private investors are located in an escrow account managed by the escrow agent in Singapore and will be released on monthly schedule when certain conditions are met. We are doing everything to ensure safe and fair token trading conditions for everyone and working tirelessly to prevent any manipulations and volume dumps.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Yours truly, Alex Randarevic, Aerum CEO