Apr 18, 2019

Introducing the XRM token

XRM is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is issued by Aerum Technologies Limited, a company representing the Aerum public blockchain initiative in order to bootstrap a network launch, fund a future technology development, finance the ecosystem and partnerships, support and grow the Aerum community.

XRM token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 units and is non-mintable (no more units of token can be created later).  Initially token is distributed between project developers and founders, early strategic investors and community members. A substantial portion of total supply is locked up and dedicated to network staking rewards.

Aerum is a business blockchain platform focused on providing a top-level encompassing infrastructure for launching business applications on blockchain. That includes tokenizing assets, rewards and marketing processes, as well as building programmable P2P financial applications.  To empower a successful business platform the Aerum blockchain protocol was developed with the idea, that business blockchain applications should provide with similar or better experiences users are accustomed to when dealing with current financial payment solutions: POS payments, e-commerce payments and electronic wallet transactions. Aerum blockchain protocol features real-time transactions, free execution, a high throughput (30-50 times of Ethereum) and high future scalability. Aerum protocol is based on cross-chain delegated Proof-of-Stake protocol ATMOS, developed by the Aerum team.

XRM is a digital asset token representing a unit of ownership of Aerum blockchain network. Its primary role is to be used as a security bond for Delegates and Masternodes on the network, and as a unit of staking by token holders, supporting selected Delegates by increasing their voting weight and a probability of being selected into the Signing Committee.

Aerum decided to allocate 30% of the total XRM supply to the network staking rewards for supporting the network bootstrapping period. This strategy will greatly benefit early network adopters by allowing them to multiply their holding of XRM tokens though staking. Once a week, 0.5% of remaining staking reserve XRM tokens will be distributed to the stakers proportionally to amounts of tokens staked. In May 2019, when Aerum anticipates starting the program, each week about 1,500,000 XRM tokens will be distributed among stakers. As the number of distributed tokens currently is in low percentage digits, and usually not all token holders participate in staking, it will provide a tremendous opportunity for those, who spend time educating themselves, actively support the community and secure the network. For example, if only 1% of total token supply will be initially staked, with 0.5% of reserves being distributed per week, we can expect that those who stake early can double their token holding in just 6 week, and then, depending on amount of tokens reinvested, keep doubling the stake at decreasing speed.

Aerum recognizes the need to create a sustainable source of XRM tokens for the companies and projects that would like to join the Aerum network as Delegates and Masternodes, given the very limited initial token circulating supply. To facilitate that, Reverse Dutch auctions will be held weekly, starting Summer 2019. This format will allow to trim XRM offering price to the level of current market demand, while providing an avenue of alternative liquidity supply, that won’t skew existing exchange-based public markets. Tokens for weekly auctions will be coming from the community development reserve.

Despite not being in a need of a quick liquidity, Aerum has decided to list its token on public exchanges as an additional mechanism to attract new participants and spread information and interest about the project. XRM token at this moment is available for trading at ExMarkets exchange, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange with a Fiat gateway service. Aerum is also preparing to list XRM token at the LATOKEN exchange, with trading to be open before the end of April 2019.

Direct links
to the exchanges can be found at Aerum project website at https://aerum.com

Aerum is currently working on building a full-service encompassing business platform in a partnership with SignKeys and CoreLedger that will offer three key pillars for any business looking to tokenize its flows or enable P2P financial interactions:

Real-time high-performance scalable blockchain protocol with economic model designed to benefit business participants and facilitate seamless user on-boarding and application integration

Revolutionary identity management system based on a military grade FIPS-140 mobile application with hardware key storage provided by SignKeys, linked to KYC and permission management tools for a top-grade enterprise identity management

Full-service tokenization platform by CoreLedger, allowing to tokenize any asset, reward or marketing flows, trade any token against any other token without the need of a centralized listing, markets and books

Aerum is a unique enterprise blockchain platform, suitable and affordable for any small and medium sized business that can be used already today. XRM token is a stepping stone towards accessing and using it.


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