Dec 10, 2019

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Dear Community Member,

It has been a long while since we sent you an email. A lot has happened since then.In case you haven’t been able to follow up with us lately, catch up on telegram, our other social media channels and visit relevant publications outlining the strategy using the links provided in the text below. This email serves the purpose of delivering a quick recap regarding developments in the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year.

Early this year Aerum has partnered with Signkeys, a Singaporean company, providing ready-made white-label solutions for any business willing to join the digital asset economy, providing us with a quick and effective on-ramping solution. Aerum and Signkeys realized they are a perfect business match, as Aerum has built a protocol and infrastructure solutions for on-ramping businesses onto blockchain, while Signkeys had built ready-made integration tools working above the protocol level. The decision was made to build a joint product encompassing a turnkey solution, from protocol to user on-boarding, identity, wallet and much more. Read more

During the summer 2019, Aerum and Signkeys set to create a holding company in Europe allowing to merge their efforts and work with European businesses as a single entity, integrating and reselling the product stack. As a result a joint entity was set in the Principality of Liechtenstein, where they enjoin rapid advancement of blockchain legislative efforts there. Read more

By working with clients and partners, both companies realized there is a lot bigger potential to offer to other businesses, esp. the ability to become stakeholders in the underlying blockchain layer in addition to providing it with solutions on top of it. A plan was set up to roll both partners’ efforts into building an enterprise-grade ecosystem based on the next generation of Atmos cross-chain consensus. The ecosystem would stand on three main pillars: The Public High-Performance Ethereum-Compatible PoS protocol, the solution stack allowing quick and effective business on-ramping via whitelable-ready quick-roll solutions, and an open-ended business consortium, where businesses could join the ecosystem and become economic stakeholders of the blockchain through vested token allocations. Read more

Thus, the FCH Network was born. The FCH Blockchain mainnet was launched in early November 2019, after 6-months long teamwork focusing on improving performance, governance mechanisms, adding hybrid Proof-of-Stake consensus and much more. FCH Network Alliance was created, implementing business consortium ideas, with a list of member candidates quickly filling up. Read more

During this time we also have been featured in the top-tier business magazines Forbes (read article) and CardRates (read article).

Aerum and Signkeys announced a complimentary Token Replacement Plan, providing current XRM and KEYS token holders with the ability to get up to 250 and 500 new XF tokens respectively by “staking” and receiving FCH Network XF token on a daily basis at a rate of 2 XF per XRM, and 4 XF per KEYS per day. The program runs from November 15th until March 29th, when XRM and KEYS tokens will be decommissioned. After that XF token will be listed on several top-5 exchanges. Read more

XF tokens can be used for staking the Delegates on FCH Network, used as a security bond to launch a Master node or a Delegate node. Read more

At the moment, FCH Network is focusing on building the pipeline of integrations with its business customers and working with partners to on-board them into the business consortium, the FCH Network Alliance.

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I would be very happy to continue to communicate with you on behalf of FCH Network in the future and share our exciting news that are about to be released.

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Faithfully yours, Alex Randarevich
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