Available for White-label integration


As an exclusive distributor of SignKeys in Europe we offer an opportunity to white-label world’s #1 secure mobile digital asset platform to any European entity, e.g. Exchanges, OTC platforms, rewards scheme, tokenization platforms, cryptocommunities. With its tailor-made custom functionality tiers, this product can cater to KYC/AML and Accredited Investor environments, STO, financial products, while also serving as a listing platform of choice, featuring atomic swaps between different blockchains, token launches and a full integration with Aerum Blockchain.

The Only Guaranteed Secure Wallet That Lets You Earn

Send any digital asset as easily as text messaging–including crypto/blockchain and 230+ supported coins.

List or Buy Crypto direct from the wallet without an exchange.

No more dongles! No waiting for the postman! Immediate!

Just because you have a hardware wallet doesn’t mean that you will never have a breach. We have ABS on our cars, but we still buy insurance. This is why we provide our guarantee, not just a secure grade (FIPS-140-2) hardware-based mobile wallet.

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